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Personal and organizational resilience have been a feature of many of our senior leadership strategy workshops over the last decade. Shortly after the 2008 crash, I gathered a team of experts that included psychologists, coaches, consultants and measurement experts to develop a new holistic resilience measurement and guidance tool.

Several breakthroughs occurred through our research and field work. …

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In this article you will learn the four generally recognized paths to leadership development and discover a fifth approach. The latter was fashioned initially during a conversation with my client Eric when we were five months into our trusted advisory relationship.

A trusted advisory collaboration can be a highly rewarding experience. …

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In The Five Meditations — Part 1, I described the first two meditations I practice: mindfulness and internal printing. In part 2, I will address the third meditative practice that helps me navigate challenging and creative experiences on the edge of the human capacity to perceive and actualize results.

Listen here: Episode 98 — The Five Meditations Part 2

While there are many meditation approaches, modalities and teaching methods, there are no hard rules where it comes to applying them. You must choose and adapt them based on your nature, aptitude and situation. Most of my journey has vacillated between…

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The game-changing epiphany of 2020 that hit me in mid-September has changed my outlook about opportunities for the coming decade. Because insights often appear inside the weave of a story, the experience I’m about to relate could provide the insights and provocation to help you unleash a whole new future for you. I hope that hearing my discovery journey encourages you to a daring recognition of how you can change your game and shape your new opportunities.

I was leading a strategy event with a senior executive team in Minneapolis during the last week of February 2020. Upon returning home…

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In a series of recent Keys we’ve explored the terrain of collective intelligence. Creating breakthroughs that enable the emergence of new futures by raising individual and collective performance and building the capacity to respond at the highest levels in the face of challenge and opportunity is the propelling inquiry guiding me in this adventure.

To further develop this capacity-building inquiry and to discover how individuals and teams can respond productively and creatively, in this article, part 1 of a series of three, I invite you to focus on five meditation techniques that I have been practicing for more than three…

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There are two fast ways to ruin a great company and run a business into the ground. The first is to let lawyers run the company. Although attorneys play an important role — they help leaders operate within the law and keep the company out of trouble — they have no business defining the organization’s strategy. Sure, there are very smart lawyers who understand business; applying a legal mindset to defining the company’s mission, however, is one fast way to destroy a company.

Listen here: Episode 92 — Collective Intelligence #4 — The Five Altitudes of Business Conversations

Unless they…

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In my previous article, Collective Intelligence #2, I briefly traced a journey that began in my teen years when I led groups in the Israeli youth movement and subsequently developed into working globally with executive teams in some of the most admired companies in the world. In this third part we will begin to map the intelligence terrain.

Worldwide, organizational systems of all sizes that are unable to adapt to the pressures of volatile, complex, and ambiguous change will experience breakdown and implosion. …

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During a recent senior leadership workshop that I conducted for a client, recognition asserted itself as an important and reflective conversation among the team members. It arose when a team member called our attention to it by saying, “There is so much that as a team we have accomplished over the last year, yet much of it goes unrecognized. We miss celebrating our success because we are obsessed with the urgency of the moment, the gaps and the next objectives that demand our attention. Let me give you an example.” Pointing at one of the team members she proceeded, “I…

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A colleague recently asked me this question: “What have you learned about helping a group of smart people unleash their capacity to access their collective intelligence?”

My initial response was that the inquiry is important, and that approaching collective intelligence as a general concept is incomplete and unsatisfying, and therefore often leads to uninspiring results.

If collective intelligence is on your radar and you want to help any group of people produce their highest impact by facilitating a shared intelligence-generating experience, I invite you to reflect on the questions and considerations I outline below.

You may be asking:

  • What is…

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Recently I was asked this question: “At this point in your journey, how do you feel about the life you’ve lived and what you’ve been able to accomplish?”

The question activated a practice that I apply personally and with my clients. I ask myself, “What is the best way to approach this exploration? What pathway or framework can help me encompass the inquiry and/or the issue at hand most lucidly?”

This practice helps me re-frame questions, opportunities and challenges in ways that expand my thinking by increasing, sometimes dramatically, the range of possible responses. …

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