How do you stay positively balanced and focused in the face of the Corona crisis?

Questions we focused on:

A. How do you stay positively balanced and focused during times of crisis?

B. How do you survive the crisis physically, mentally and spiritually?

C. What is the influence and power of collective energy and how do you harness it in a positive way?

The points we covered:

A. Identify the four vectors of the crisis:

1) The Corona virus

2) Global stock markets implosions (a viral influence by itself)

3) Panic triggered by #1 and by #2 (a viral influence by itself)

4) All secondary and tertiary consequences and side effects, in some cases more devastating than the first three vectors.

B. Apply a three-fold strategy to respond effectively and triage separately each of the four vectors, not as a panic-based aggregate:

1) What must do to take care of your health and well-being?

2) What must you do to deliver on your mission-critical commitments?

3) Pivot from defense to offense — how can this situation be an opportunity to create and accelerate a desired future?

C. Boost your immunity:

1) Focus on what you can control: your mental focus, what you take in, and your response.

2) Attend to routines and rituals that build clarity, energy and well-being.

3) Pivot from chaos to calm, confidence and coherence of thought.

4) Cultivate a community that generates individual and collective immunity.

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